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BSA sloper f12 carb ID

Just a quick one...

I'm going to have to do a carb rebuild for the gaskets, float, etc and need to know which carb the BSA sloper uses to contact AMAL for some help. It's on my ransomes auto certes 18" MK6 so would like to give the carb new gasket seals, a fresh float, pin and inlet so it has plenty of life to go.

Any help much appreciated.


wristpin Wed, 20/06/2012

This should give you what you need. I think that the original Amal company is  long gone - this website may be useful but for lawnmower carb parts the best source of parts is either Meetens in Portsmouth or Villers Spares in Essex

Link to Sloper manual. manual0001.pdf

The link doesn't seem to work from this post but is ok if copied and pasted into your browser.