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Club transfers

Is it OK to spray clear lacquer over the club transfers/decals to protect them or will they be ruined?

Thanks Ian

robdob Wed, 13/07/2011

Not sure about this as I have never tried it. I think that the solvents in the laquer could prove a problem. The ony way to find out is to try it.  Robbie

topgunhorse Thu, 14/07/2011

This seems like a very straight forward question. At risk of sounding rude, could one of the clubs senior members simply contact the supplier and ask the question? Or do they not use the forum.


hillsider Thu, 14/07/2011

Hello Andy

You are right it is a straightforward question and you are not being rude as far as I can see, but I am afraid that I do not know the answer.  However I am inclined to go along with the try it and see theory as has been suggested.

Re support from senior club members,  like yourself I would be happier to see more of it, someone out there hopefully knows the answer to this question or where to find it! 

There are some senior members who work hard at keeping this forum up and running and their efforts are appreciated but we could do with a bit more input from other members in order to support their club.


Keith Wootton Tue, 19/07/2011

The waterslide transfers for the Atco Standard can be over-sprayed with lacquer once they have been allowed to dry completely and cure (which only takes a few days). These are the transfers that will benefit the most from a coating of lacquer.

I'm not sure that the peel-back transfers we produce would benefit from any coating and Robbie is right to raise the issue of the solvents. I'm sure he can ask the supplier on the best course of action. 

olcadmin Tue, 19/07/2011

Not a rude question but seeing as two of the most senior members of the club have pitched in with answers to the query I'm not sure it's a relevant point.

More generally, yes we would like more of the longer term members to join in but it's up to them. My own guess is that the more interesting the debates taking place the more likely they will be to join in.