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Cutting Cylinder grinding.

Anyone had a cylinder re-grind lately and how much an inch did you pay?

Looking to get a feel for the current going rate - commercial, not "mate's rates" - for cylinders and bottom blades. Please specify whether "in-situ" or stripped out  cylinder.


Jon Sat, 20/12/2014

Hello, Last summer (2014) I enquired at a local engineering company the cost of having a cylinder reground (removed from mower) and was told £2.00 per inch. The cylinder was from an Atco groundsman 28". I was not prepared to pay that much so did not go ahead with the work. On the subject I have just acquired an old lathe (still on the trailer) and I am hoping to customize it to do this kind of work. Somehow attach a bed to the front where a bench grinder can run up and down accurately.

wristpin Sun, 21/12/2014

That does seem to be about the going rate around here + vat. While it may seem a lot have a look at the eye watering price tags on modern grinders which are precision bits of kit to deal with the demands of modern high tech golf course mowers etc.

Your idea of converting a lathe may well have "some mileage" as the firm of Atterton and Ellis (now Bernhards) used (may still do so) to make a grinder called the Express Dual that would either spin grind loose cylinders or in-situ and later made an attachment for relief single blade grinding that was basically an angle grinder on a carriage running along the front of the machine.  With a bit of re-engineering it should be possible to do something similar and turn your lathe into a single blade grinder.