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Cylinder grinder wanted please.

Hi folks.

Well, it's the start of the new year and a difficult time here. With a bit of a crisis of faith and confidence, besides a problem sorting out the welding plant needed for the more serious side of my work, I'm feeling a little bit on the lost side. Perhaps it's because I'm putting all my time and effort into this job, etc and I'm feeling the strain.

With some new projects due in about March ish, I'm looking for a used cylinder grinder or cylinder and bedknife grinder. I've lost out on a few machines through ebay and there's been one as a scam on ebay. 

basically, I don't mind it's age, older the better, anything that can take small to large cylinders would do me, either manual or spin grinders with automatic or manual head movement, etc.

if anyone has one to sell for about the £500 mark or so, please contact me at I'd be happy to pay fuel costs as I don't have transport to collect, etc.

anyway, I could do with finding some strength and confidence in myself otherwise, that small part of me may tell me, like it's telling me now, to close up, clear out, etc, but I don't want to do that because this has been a part of me for years and my desire to build my own systems from scratch would certainly give me a kick.

take care


Aled Sun, 13/01/2013

Are they not that hard to build yourself, providing you've got the machinery and skill, which I believe you have?

They're really uncommon on eBay, which is annoying, because I'm after one for myself, and new they're in the thousands of pounds.

I don't understand why you slag off eBay so much, it is useful. HOWEVER you really need to examine the stuff you're interested in and try and ask as much questions as possible. Also it is like any auction, what you're getting isn't guarenteed, so don't expect some perfect running machine. Some people bid and pay way too much for something which is broken, and should have gone for way less.

wristpin Sun, 13/01/2013

Ebay is great so long as one remembers some old adages such as "you get what you pay for" and "if it looks too good to be true it probaly is"!

Having said that it does seem that either through ignorance, carlessness, or ill intent a lot of items are not correcty described. The more one knows about a subject the more it becomes apparent that some seller's descriptions are at the best  wide of the mark and at the worst plain dishonest.

Equally there are buyers who don't read or apprecite what they are reading and expect an item that is accurately described with all its faults to be perfect when they receive it and then expect a refund.

At the end of the day (if the amount involved makes it worth while) there is always the Small Claims Court.. If you go that route just make sure that your facts and paperwork are all in order as from my experience (positive!) the judges/adjudicators don't mess around!  Also from my experience the Ebay adjudication service is a waste of time and would appear to be biased towards regular business sellers even if they have described black as white! - that's my experience anyway.