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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


Hi guys,

There is a mower for sale on ebay that i need identifying.It is under the heading "old but fully working 12" cut push mower & grassbox".I rely on your quick replies so i may bid if it proves to be worth it.

Thanks to you all.

Best regards,

JIM (vanjim50)

wristpin Mon, 17/12/2012

A link or item number will possibly get a quicker reply!!

If it's item 190767517200 it has the look of a Qualcast Push Panther but I'm quite prepared to be told I'm wrong!

Clive1997 Mon, 17/12/2012

Whilst I cannot identify it, I dont think its a Qualcast Panther, well certainly not pre 1960 as they had the straight handles up to at least 1959 & on all those I have seen the chain case is on the left as you stand behind the mower, also they all appear to have a central adjuster screw on the delivery plate.

It does resemble a Suffolk Swift but the pictures I have show a different fixing point for the handles, 

A much better buy I think would be the Ransomes Ajax 121039373596 presently 99p rather than £15 on an unknown.

Sorry I can't really be of much help.



vanjim50 Mon, 17/12/2012


stonethemows Mon, 17/12/2012

I think it is a later Qualcast Panther, possibly a Superlite; looks as though it has been repainted a different colour.

If you want a decent tool I would definitely take Clive's advice and go for an Ajax !

Good luck,


vanjim50 Mon, 17/12/2012

Once again,thanks for all your help and advice.At the moment i have 18 push mowers including an Ajax.maxees,jp super.3 Folbates. rollmo 5-15.old uncle Tom Cobley and all.Gently working my way through them and hope to bring some to Milton Keynes in the spring.