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Engine Manual for Villiers MK 1 Midget 79cc. 2 Stroke

Hi to All,

I am chasing an engine manual for a Villiers Mk 1 Midget 79cc. 2 Stroke as fitted to an early ATCO 14" lightweight mower....Can any of the members please help?

Kindest Regards,

Darryl (Deejay)



Deejay Sun, 16/02/2014

In reply to by Motivator

Thanks for the reply Motivator, I will give that a try...but, from further research, it looks as though ATCO didn't have a manual for the Mk 1 Midget...Only the Mk 2 and Mk 3.

With the knowledge that several hundreds of these engines were produced by Villiers, I find this quite unbelievable....

Thanks again mate,

Cheers, Darryl