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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Free to good home: Qualcast Panther 30D


The time has come to retire my old (or not so old depending on your point of view) Qualcast Panther 30D. It still works, but the cut it now gives is not so good as the blades do not strike the base plate (if that's its name?) as they should and it beyond my abilities to set it up correctly.

I haven't had it from new so I cannot say how old it is. I acquired it from a 'more mature' lady just before she was about to scrap it. That was about five years ago. The front rollers are plastic not wooden so my guess is it dates from around the '80s - that's 1980s, sorry. I hope that that is old enough. Although I don't think it's an important model (and it's not like the Panther Qualcast now make) I'd prefer it to have a home rather than be scrapped.

If anyone is interested just post here or mail me at

I live just outside Swindon.