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fuel tank

Hi all out there could any one help me i am restoring 5 ACTO mowers.And i am wanting to find the fuel tanks for them 1 11in 1 10in as mine has plenty of rust so i hope some one can help

wristpin Tue, 09/04/2013

Sure that you may get a better response if you give a bit more detail of the models for which you need the tanks and an image or two might help. Atco have used cylindrical tanks right through from the 1920s until the late 60s!

Dengiebob Tue, 09/04/2013

Have you tried to give them a good clean first? never just think replace a part because its rusty. What i would try first is block up the fuel tap hole quarter fill ya tank with pararfin. then what i use is a 10" lenght of what looks like old flush tank chain with lots of small nut and bolts on every other link chuck it in the tank replace the fuel cap and give it a really good shake you will be shocked on how much s__t this knocks!! off repeat a few times using fresh parrafin each time if the tank is very badley rusted then buy a vintage bike mag and look for fuel tank seal kits. basicaly you mix the rubber type liquid pour it in the tank swill it so it coats the inside then pour out whats left. leave to cure hay presto one cleaned and resealed tank. I know its sounds like a lot of hard work but at least you would be able to say your mower still had its original tank!!. Plus if its a rare model finding another tank could be hard. I have know people to get the blow torch out and remove fuel tank ends to get at dents and to repair them then solder or braze them back together but unless you know what your doing it could be hard.hope this is of some help never give up if its rusty!!!!!!! and remember if using blow torches near fuel tanks fumes can go bang make sure tank is well washed out first

lewisalby Sat, 27/04/2013

i belive the ones i want are called the sauage tank i will get back to you with more imfo