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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

British Made Push Mower Identification Request

Hi folks, I've pulled out an old mower from storage and am hoping to bring it back into use - I haven't come across a makers or model name on it and was hoping some members may be able to identify it for me, many thanks, Arthur

Keith Wootton Mon, 08/06/2020

The numbers you mention are the same as those on the F&B in the separate post. 

If you search the online patent database you will see the original patent applications:

These patents were registered by Joseph Mason Fleming and William Henry Barnes who were, I believe, employees of F&B. In addition to a number of mower patents they registered designs for improving food processing equipment.

Use the link below to search for other patents.

Follows & Bate - like many other manufacturers - produced mowers for retailers and mail order companies using similar or identical designs to their own machines but without their name on. Instead, the wheels would carry the retailer's name or a generic "Made in England" type wording with additional retailer/supplier branding on the handle in the form of a cast badge or printed/painted words on the stem. We generally refer to these as "catalogue" mowers and many members have examples in their collections.

It's an interesting part of our hobby to find new examples with different names etc. Sometimes an otherwise ordinary mower with an unusual retailer (eg a local ironmonger or department store) name can be unique (at least until someone finds another one).

Clive1997 Mon, 08/06/2020


Yes you appear to be right it looks to be a Follows & Bates 'Magic' first ad's I have come across are in 1931 & I attach a copy below of the 1933 ad mentioning the improvements,  which may well have been in the later patent indicated on the wheels, not had time to check but I do have copies of the patents somewhere.

Whilst this ad is by Follows & Bates they were often sold by retailers & simply described as the 'Magic' with no reference to F & B, I have seen many but never one with the name on the handle, other than the one you have already highlighted on another thread.

Last adverts I can see are for 1941.


p.s. Thanks Keith save me looking!!!!