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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Rare Webb Patent Mower

Hello All

There is an early 1930's Webb patent push mower just appeared on ebay Burton-on-Trent that could do with being rescued, not many of these early ones seen, it incorporated 3 new patents registered by Webb, including the easily removable cutting cylinder. See my article in Grassbox 91 for more info.

Hopefully a member local to that area will be able to acquire this mower.

mikehpw1 Wed, 22/07/2020

Thanks Clive 

As you can see I rescued it! It’s in fair condition, I have six Restos on the go at mo so not sure when I’ll get round to it but I’ll post pics when I do. I’m just about to rebuild my 28/34 Groundsman and stuck for throttle route and connections, i have engine and Atco manuals but there’s no reference to this in detail. If you can point me in right direction I’d be grateful cheers 

Clive1997 Wed, 22/07/2020

Hello Mike


Really pleased the Webb was rescued, as to the Atco, best to put your query on the technical forum, there are many there who should be able to help.