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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

suffolk punch 17" 98g14 1a

Hi all

First post from a new member - my mower collection is a pair of near-identical Suffolk Punches with 98G14 model 1a engines on.

I bought one as I love the old retro mowing feel, putting stripes on the lawn and generally tinkering with things that are sharp or dangerous. I bought a second for "spares" but as it stands they both run well. 

I haven't done much to them apart from oil changes and grease the three nipples although one I had to re-make some rollers as the ones on it had perished (the cylinder is pretty much at max adjustment too, so I guess it's had a hard working life) and the second one does not power up cleanly from idle - I need to learn what is wrong here. I don't understand engines that well apart from tinkering so hopefully it's just a carb cleaning or mixture adjusting exercise, but every time I touch the mixture screws I mess somethign up as I don't properly know what I am doing :)

some pics here if you are interested