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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Zephyr Greens 24”

Hi everyone.

I recently found an old zephyr mower at the back of one of our old sheds at our golf course.

It is a Zephyr Greens 24”, but it is missing a gear cog at the end of the shaft running through the cutting cylinder. My question is could anyone tell me where I might find parts for this machine, I would like to restore it to working condition.

Any help or information would be much appreciated. 

hillsider Fri, 27/09/2019

Welcome to the OLC Forum,

I think you may struggle to find parts for the Zephyr, a parts donor machine may be the way to go. If I remember correctly the missing sprocket is screwed on and has a free wheel built in to it.

Greenkeeper657 Wed, 16/10/2019

Yes Ray, the sprocket bolts on and the teethe are free moving around it’s edge. The one that was on there apparently shattered and has since been lost. 

hillsider Wed, 16/10/2019

You have probably just discovered the reason why the mower was parked up in the back of the shed!

wristpin Wed, 16/10/2019

A google or eBay search for “freewheel sprocket”  brings up lots but some modification will be needed.