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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


Walking through the Ransomes Crawler section at Tractor World, I spy a congregation of  Ransomes mowers and an edger!.........

.......Now I shall see what mowers are in the auction?       (to be continued)

Mowing Wurzel Sun, 28/02/2016

A Ransomes Automaton in the auction.    Collection Box, rebuilt satisfactorily, 1 height adjustment knob inncorect.

Mowing Wurzel Sun, 28/02/2016


The chain Automaton again, and Dennis z type.

olcadmin Mon, 29/02/2016

I visited the show with Alec on Sunday and we saw the Ransomes mowers for sale too. Somebody bought one of the edgers...

Mowing Wurzel Tue, 01/03/2016

Good to hear that a historic machine has gone to somebody who can appreciate and cherish it.

On the subject of cherished Mowers, here are some more pictures taken at the auction.


Mowing Wurzel Wed, 09/03/2016

Coincidentally; "Mowing Wurzel Senior" requires a model 146402, 6hp Briggs & Stratton engine. similar to this one.

preferably code suffix 66.  (these are usually painted white for 1966 period)

(see the wanted advert)

Alec Wed, 09/03/2016

Thanks for posting the pictures. Looks like a great show had never heard of it until these postings (just Googled it) - a date for next year's calendar!

Looked up the auction results too - huge number of lots! Liking the British Anzani Lawnrider in your photos - I bought one like it at the OLC rally auction in May.

Probably won't be buying any more mowers for a while though as just last week sold our very practical old Nissan hatchback (bought the lawnrider home in it easily) and bought a Lexus IS saloon - nice car but tiny boot and the seats don't fold down :-(

Mowing Wurzel Thu, 10/03/2016

Thank you for commenting on my pictures, as well as auctions, I am pro-active to visit Museum's displaying Mowers and gardening equipment.

So good to see the OLC compiling a map and key of sites to see them.


The British Anzani Lawnrider featured,  is part of the "Lawnmower Diaspora" of a late and extremely much missed friend and member of the OLC.

On the subject of the Lawnrider, this one is 1964.


Tractor World Show:  Perhaps the OLC could have a stand there?