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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Grassbox 78

A nice find on my return today was my copy of Grassbox 78. I was delighted to see that J Sawtell  has managed supply a copy of the picture I described in my piece in GB 77. It is indeed the same picture that hangs in the bar at The Petwood Hotel. Mrs Joe was surprised that anyone would follow up reading one of my articles with further research and action! To add to this story, I did phone the hotel but had no success in finding the mower.


I also particularly liked the photographs of the Follows & Bate Chain Tennis restoration. Eagle eyed readers will know that this model is on my wish list as I have posted a "Want" ad in the classifieds on the website. The newly cast handles are amazing and a real testament to the skill and dedication of the restorer.


brummy_joe Thu, 10/11/2011

A little late evening surfing has uncovered the website of the Reel Lawn Mower History & Preservation project, which appears to belong to Jim Ricci whose Worthington Model B tractor made an appearance in Grassbox last year.

Of note for this issue is a picture to be found on the below link:

Scroll down to find a photo of a Coldwell pony mower being used very recently. This is, I believe, the model pictured in the advertisement on the front cover of GB 78.