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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Grassbox - incorrect email for Dennis parts!

Have just found out that there is a typo in the  email address given in the advertisement for Dennis Z Type Spares in the Grassbox magazine. The word rollers belongs to the previouse line and is not part of the email address!!!

Correct address is

wristpin Mon, 08/04/2013


May be but feel a bit of a pratt for having emailed it and then phoned the people before I realised what had happened!!

Anyway a very nice man is going to see if they have one or two bits for may old Dennis. Gave it a bit of a birthday on Sunday, carb, valve clearances , magneto and a thorough grease up. Think that the reason that it's in such nice original condition id that my Dad who bought it new in around 1934 was a b****r with the grease gun - preserved in grease! Have got the grassbox and trailer seat but mainly use it for rolling rather than mowing - hence the weight bar!







hillsider Mon, 08/04/2013

That is how the cookie crumbles sometimes. The Dennis looks good for its age and the use that are giving it is just enough to keep it going without doing it any harm. Good luck with the spares for it. Ray.