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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Greens SM Motor Mower?

This is what I believe to be a Greens SM motor mower. I got it a short while back and have not really looked at it yet. It has Silens Messor on the handles and the engine has a separate magneto(missing) as opposed to the flywheel mag. It may actually be one of greens own engines? Also missing is the fuel tank. Everything is seized solid so this really is my kind of project. I will post more pics and text about it as i progress.

Keith Wootton Wed, 23/06/2010

Definitely looks like one of the earlier Greens SM Motor Mowers. These were little more than conversions of the basic hand mowers and they did have Greens own engine in many cases. As you can see there is an additional side frame component to support the engine and drive mechanism.

Magneto would possibly be a BTH or similar and the petrol tank is reasonably easy to copy. A few of us have examples so finding similar machines to look at and study won't be too difficult.

Have a look at the site's profile pages for other examples, especially

oldiron Thu, 24/06/2010

Hey Keith thanks for the interest. I have looked on the profile pages many times and have for many years. I use it as my "Bible". I can get a mag and tank easily as i have stationary engines too so have many areas to grab parts from. Back to the mower,she is 20" cut so is a very wide little beast and it actually weighs more than an adult elephant! I have taken some more photos so i have a good reserve now to start a work in progress/restoration thread as time allows. Please all feel free to chip in with comments as we go.

oldiron Fri, 25/06/2010

Heres another shot of the mower. These were taken by the person i bought it from prior to delivery.

oldiron Tue, 29/06/2010

Here is one final shot of it at the previous owners property. The next few will be from my collection and as progress moves on. The mower was in the previous owners family from brand new and was the mans great grandfathers machine. I was told that he was allways tinkering and fixing it as is evident by his homemade starting system( the bicycle crank and chain). The scary part about this story was that the guy was going to simply send it to the scrap man! Lucky save springs to mind!

oldiron Sun, 04/07/2010

A little more progress has been made on the mower today. I have taken off the homemade starting system and removed all the mystery iron work next to the mag bracket. From the looks of said bracketry i can only assume that the mag probably went down at some point in its life and a battery was probably added so the mag was purely used as a distributor as was practice with stationary engines when these probs happened. Since removing various none original features i must admitt that it is not such a complicated looking beast now.

oldiron Mon, 05/07/2010


oldiron Mon, 05/07/2010


oldiron Mon, 05/07/2010


Keith Wootton Thu, 29/07/2010

Thanks for posting the images, I'm sure they give everyone a good idea of the task ahead. It's interesting how many of these old motor mowers were tinkered with by various owners along the way to keep them going. 

oldiron Fri, 31/12/2010

here is another  shot taken as i was stripping /inspecting as you can see there is lots to do on this project but im glad i got her

oldiron Fri, 31/12/2010

As you can see it was in a bit of a mess, the carb was covered in expanding foam,and most everything was siezed up solid

oldiron Fri, 31/12/2010

As you can see leaning up against the wall is a selection of the scrap and extras that the machine accumalated over the years. It was very satisfying reomoving the unwanted items. After alot of penetrating oil and some carefully controlled brute force things slowly started to unseize. Removing the solidly rusted chains helped the cause too