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greens zephya mower

hi  i hav a 8 blade model with org manual      any one know anything about this machine ? thanks 

hillsider Mon, 27/12/2010

Hello and wellcome to the Old Lawnmower Club Forum,

Re your Greens Zephyr I think they were made in more than one location, I recently scrapped a 24 inch Zephyr that had been built in Arbroath Scotland and had been used on a cricket pitch for many years. It was advertised a couple of times for sale both as a complete machine and as parts but only the Villiers F12 engine found a buyer. Unfortunately the rear roller of this mower was very worn and was beyond repair,  as a result the roller drive ratchets would not engage correctly so the machine always wanted to mow in a circle.  But not always in the same direction which was not helpful on a cricket pitch! 

Maybe another OLC/forum member can add a bit more info re the company and model history?



mr playle Mon, 27/12/2010

hi cheers for that,   its in great working condition  and was told it was rare cause it has 8 blades? 

stonethemows Mon, 27/12/2010

Until a couple of years ago I had a Zephyr in my collection which I rescued from the bottom of a garden. Mine was a14" push machine with a 10 bladed cutting cylinder and distinctive chevron ribbed pattern on the rear roller. This would have dated from the late 1940's probably, later machines seem to have been down graded somewhat with a 12" cutting width, 8 blades and straight ribbing on the roller. There was a De Luxe version with 12 blades designed for fine turf.

I suspect Mr Playles machine dates from the 1950's.

Information mainly from The Old Lawnmower Club's Lawnmower Directory.