Hall & Duck Trust 30th Anniversary???

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Hall & Duck Trust 30th Anniversary???

Hello All

I see H & D trust are opening their museum on 2nd & 3rd Jun, whilst I would be eager to attend, as its now short notice I have already committed to volunteering at a local festival in Sussex that weekend.

Anyway I am sure there are many members who would like to take a look & I assume full details will be put up on this website soon?




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Hall & Duck Trust 30th Anniversary???

Is there any more information about this event? Location & so forth? I would very much like to attend and it is one of the very few weekends before July that I am currently unfettered for. I've had a look at the H & D website but not been able to find anything regarding the opening of the museum.





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H&D Weekend

Details of the event are contained in the new Grassbox which will be sent out in the next few days.


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