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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

A happy ending from our classified adds

Hi everybody

Firstly i will re-introduce myself to the forum as i havnt been active in a few years(i was one of the early forum users),my names Ricky and i have been a member for about 4/5 year but still not made it to mk yet!

Anyway i digress, on monday i followed up the classified add on our website for the remains of a Ransomes mk14 20" mower. This was a dream find for me in a lot of ways. Firstly it was in the next village over from me, secondly the price was small and lastly, it told a story.

The machine was at the gentlemans late mothers estate that has stood empty for some time. It belonged to his grandfather who got it from the local cricket club when they upgraded. The machine has had some mods over the years to keep it running ,like the red tank on the handlebars which is the oil tank as the original oil/fuel tank had become pourous internally. It has stood in an old lean-too stripped down. I collected it in many parts and on thursday evening assembled it purely to see whats there and whats not. I did not fit the clutch unit as its all gotta come apart when i rebuild the engine. Its totally complete and original so im not sure whether to restore or preserve. After the pictures where taken i rubbed some parts down with oil and it actually has started to look a lot happier with life