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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


Hi I have just recently joined the site and I have in interest in old machinery in general.

Over the years I have revamped many old mowers either given to me of found in skips.

I have done a couple of Suffolks and found them new homes, on old 4 stroke Flymo that I used for years and eventually found it a new home too.

I don't ever seem to make any money from this, it's just an interest and put a few hours in.

My latest is an old Hayterette the one with bearing wheels, the original engine was scrap  and it had a normal blade fitted instead of the cutting disc, I have replaced the engine with a good 3.5 hp quantum Briggs and Stratton and found a boss to fit that takes a new 19" blade and it's going well.

I wondered if anyone on here might have a 19" cutting disc for a Haytette lying around from a scrap Hayterette with a 1" shaft hole- thanks- John.