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Help Identifying a gang mower

Hi Guys, 

I am wondering if someone here can help me - 

A friend of mine has purchased a 3 gang mower to be used behind his fergi 20. 

He has searched all over the mower but cannot find any identifying numbers, make etc. The only thing he can remember is that the engaging screw for the mower cylinder is located on the wheel and not the usual lever!

The mower is located about 100 miles from me and I hope to get some pictures over the weekend which I'll post when I get them. But before I do, any  ideas?

Not a lot to go on I know !!

Thank you.





wristpin Tue, 22/07/2014

Definitely a need for some images of the units and the hitch.

If they are to be towed behind a Fergie do we assume them to be 30" units? 

hortimech Tue, 22/07/2014

Only two I can think of at the moment are either a Greens or a Jacobsen, but knowing sod's law they will probably be neither, should be able identify them from photos, unless they are a really old or obscure make ;-)


vanjim50 Wed, 23/07/2014

Best guess without pictures is a set of Lloyds "Leda" gangs.I used them for many years for my job on a golf course.They certainly had the engaging screws on the wheels.

wristpin Sun, 27/07/2014

Quote from the operator's manual


"In the hub of each wheel will be found a clutch catch,rotation of wich by a quarter of a turn will engage and disengage the driving pawl."

It goes on to say that they recommend Castrol LM grease is pumped into the nipples on the side plates "until seen to exude from the clutch catch spindles" . Twice weekly.

I have a parts list , should you need a copy.