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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Help needed - Allen Mayfield 8 (picture heavy)

Hello All, and thank you for allowing me to join your forum.

A few years ago I bought an Allen Mayfield 8 from eBay. For various reasons, the mower has languished in a shed ever since, but now it's time to get it into working order once more.

The machine has a number of problems, and I'd very much appreciate any help in locating parts and information.

  • The engine (Kohler 8HP) needs a new ignition/magneto coil.
  • The cutter knives are worn out and corroded. They are 3in. x 3in., and the rivet holes are .208" (13/64??). I would like to find 24 knives (12 for the cutter bar, 12 for spare).
  • One of the fingers is damaged (see pictures), all appear to be worn. I'd like to track down a set of fingers.

I'm interested in hearing from anyone with attachments or accessories for this machine.

Last, but not least, I'd like to find a copy of the user/service manual for this machine - I found a PDF copy of the manual for the engine at the Kohler website.







hillsider Wed, 19/06/2013

Hello and wellcome to the Old Lawnmower Club, There is a member of a sister club who is holder of some information relating to your machine and I am sending you his contact details via email. Re parts there was recently a series of articles in Farm and Horticultural Equipment magazine (Tractor and Machinery) dealing with the refurbishment of an Allen Mayfield, there was a supplier listed for the knife fingers -Riverside Precision of Littlehampton Sussex 01903 732570. There are a number of comapanies who would be able to supply Kohler parts but one that I know is Meetens Engines of Gosport 01329 288 977.

Oilyrag Sat, 25/04/2015


Thank you very much for your most helpful reply. I am embarrassed to say that I lost my way and didn't pick up the information you so thoughtfully provided until I logged in here this morning, almost 2 years later!

The Mayfield is still awaiting repairs and rebuild (more pressing projects and life in general having placed themselves in the way). Over the course of the coming week, I intend to actively pursue the leads you offered in a renewed attempt to bring the machine back into use.

My very best wishes to you and yours.

hillsider Sun, 26/04/2015

No worries re the delay, the important thing is that you have found us again.

Hopefully you can still make contact with the suppliers, as wristpin has commented one of them has migrated North since your first enquiry.