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help needed with suffolk punch 43s

hi all

I'm in the process of restoring a Suffolk punch 43s,  I'm in need of a few bits. i need a 17in grass box, also was wondering if any one new  what sort of age it was.  also am i right in thinking that the right color would be a Brunswick green ???    regards, mike..

wristpin Tue, 29/04/2014

I'm  not very good at colours but I think that Brunswick green is darker and more akin to John Deere green than that used on that generation of Suffolk / Qualcast. You can always get  a paint factor or even B & Q  to scan the inside of the engine cowl where the paint won't have faded too much. 

mike d Thu, 01/05/2014

ah yes  good call . i can take a bit of paint to them to get them to match it

thanks for your input

regards, mike..

mike d Thu, 15/05/2014

hi everyone, I've now sold this mower, so no need to worry answering any more questions on this one. thanks to all that helped me out with it

regards, mike...