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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

hi everyone from derby

hie new to this forum as im after some advice with a mower iv 23 now and was given this lawn mower when i was had been left for years in his shed so was in need of some tarting up but no where near the state its in 99% sure its a suffolk colt as its got a 12" blade on it.anyway i restored it when i was 13 and managed to get it going and used it quiet a few times but then it got left at me mum and dads in the corner as a garden ornament its been stood outside un covered for around 9 years.i was going to buy a new mower last week for me new lawn but then i remembered i had this at me mum and dads,so went and picked it up last night.i owe a hell of alot to this mower as it was this that got me into mechanics.iv good with engines and so on but im struggling to find parts for it.i whipped the head off and it looks going to try and save the barrel and piston but im guessing the rings will need replacing.i cant find many spares on ebay so was hoping some off the lawn mower veterans on here could point me in the right direction and give me a few tips on the way.iv already got a list of bits i need from a spring for the throttle to a new tank as the old one has rotted through.not sure how to add pictures on here but once i find out i will add some.cheers


Aled Sat, 24/03/2012

You could try buying another Suffolk engine for it and use the internals for that, or just swap the engine over completely, depending on the condition of them both. They're usually around on eBay, and they're cheap enough.

Aled Sat, 24/03/2012

I mean even if you didn't want to go through all that hastle, introduce it to some abrasive equipment and get the engine all nice and clean, if you want to make a professional well done job of it all the usual service parts I find are on eBay, I've considered restoring a Suffolk engine with parts on eBay myself but I just don't have the money/