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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Hi , new here from New Zealand, have a Rotoscythe "County"?

Hi All,

I'm new here, live in New Zealand, and collect old mowers, have restored one.

Mainly I collect the "Bricktop" 2 strokes similar to Lawn boys in the states, and New Zealand made Masports if they are old enough and are salvageable.

I have just purchased what appears to be a Rotoscythe "County", sat in a barn here for years unused.

It had a blown head gasket so I fabricated one and the old girl runs well now with decent compression. Has an Amal carb with 343/10 stamped in it.

Would love any information on this mower, and especially any other photos of it, as I want to clean it up and paint original, and have decals made. I cannot find any photos of one on the  net, only a slim advert strip from when it was new. Also any tuning/settings for the carb, as i don't know if it is correctly set now, would hate to run it too lean. Presently have made a 20:1 mix for it.

I have some of my mowers on my youtube channel under the username ironhorsemal if you would like to look, have put up a video of the County running, also has a restore I've done etc and a few other mowers I have.

Can we not put photos in this forum? Can't see a way to do it.

Would love to see any other photos of a Rotoscythe County if anyone has any?

Looking forward to learning from this site!


Kind regards,



olcadmin Mon, 13/02/2012

Here's the video from Mal's YouTube section: