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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ajax roller Spindle “end float?”


Have another problem, surprise surprise. I’ve disassembled mower and soaked in diesel and cleaned parts. Reassembled prior to final strip down and prep for paint and wait for items needing replacement. The mills pin/main gear problem I have posted in earlier post is temporarily sorted but there seems quite a lot of end float in the roller spindle. Both washers are fitted to spindle, as are nameplate/scraper, bottom block for blade and tie rod/frame stay so the width should be correct. Here’s a pic I’d and one when I removed the cover. Is there such a thing as too much grease?

Thanks Nick


NM Sun, 17/06/2018

Hi, the picture of the gears is when I removed the cover to start disassembly. I believe the oil nipple is for the intermediate gear spindle, although I doubt oil could reach it through all that grease.