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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Advise on ride on mower tyres - updated

I suppose the question of technical advise regarding ride on mower tyres is not really in the right sphere of expertise for Old Mower matters.


I have a "Tractor Mower" of 1956; the pneumatic tyres are the original Dunlop 6.00 x 16 Chevron;-  I have a few problems:


1.  When touching or brushing against the tyres the black rubber "dusts" like soot and sticks to clothes, hands and everything.

   Is there a way of treating, conserving or sealing the rubber to prevent the rubber dust coming off?


2. Naturally like all tyres left flat for some time, and especially so since they are quite old  (although I have seen WW2 tyres in great condition still) 

    Is there a way of  treating / "re-vulcanising" / filling  the cracks?

    I have seen old plant tyres re-bonded and the tread patterns repaired, but not know if the products used are readily available.



I am aware of various suppliers who sell new makes such as BKT or Mitas, the cost issue is not important, as  I would prefer the original Dunlop tyres to be reused

as they look the part and unlike the new budget makes, the side  cleats are not hollowed out to save rubber.  (or track down old stock Dunlop or Avon!)



villiers98 Sun, 14/06/2020


Not a trye expert  but have had many old motorcyles in my time

I think they are just time expired and will split/burst sooner or later. Tyres exposed to UV light are particularly prone - kept in darkness often appear to last better

New old stock may be nearly as  bad by now? 

Mowing Wurzel Mon, 15/06/2020

Thank you for the post and feedback.

It looks like I will have to get some new tyres and tubes and grin and bear the fact that the brand is, lets just say; "non-household."

Regarding old stock, I suppose it depends on the quality.

I have just dusted off some unused  old stock 6.00 x 16"  Avon Tractor tyres from 1965; they have been stored flat in a dark shed for years and  are immaculate!