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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Identify Lawn Mower

Greetings everyone from Tasmania, Australia

My Mother in Law has moved into a Retirement home and while clearing out her home of 53 years we found this mower under the house.

I took the photos to a mower repair shop and the chap there said although he has worked in the mower industry for 40 years he has never seen any thing like it.  He thinks it could be from the 1950's and because of the cross bar on the cutting blades it could be American.  I could not find any thing like your club on the internet in Australia so I am hoping that you may be able to identify the mower for me and if you have any knowledge of an enthusiast in Tasmania (or the north island [that's what we call the other part of Australia]) that I could give the mower to.




hillsider Sat, 19/03/2011

Hello Brian and wellcome to the Old Lawnmower Club,

Unfortunately I have been unable to open your link to the photos of your mower, I also copied and pasted the address to google and that was not recognised.

It is worth waiting for a few days in case another of our members has better success than I did otherwise could you put a photo directly on to this forum following the information that is in the forum guidelines area.

Not sure about OLC members in Tasmania but I think there are some on your North Island as you put it,  also some in New Zealand.





Clive1997 Sat, 19/03/2011

 Hi Brian

Had a look at your pictures, but no idea, try these 2 guys who hang out on the big desert above you.



They are both members & should be of help.

P.s. my stepson Luke is out in Tas at the moment gone to a friends wedding & lucky devil also joined them on 2nd week of honeymoon in Bali!!!!

Cheers & hope you get some info



Brian Sun, 20/03/2011

 Hi Ray

Thanks for your reply.  Clive has given me two contacts here in Australia.  He was able to to see the photographs as you said.  Computers and the net are wonderful but sometimes they they don't work as they should. Although the writing on the mowers is damaged I think it says "Lawn Cub".  I had nine photographs on the link but if any other members have trouble seeing them I will see about putting them directly into the forum.



Brian Sun, 20/03/2011

 Hi Clive

Thanks for the contacts.  I will email them today and see what happens.  I am sure Luke will have enjoyed his stay in Tasmania as it is a great place to live.



hillsider Sun, 20/03/2011


It is good to see that you now have a couple of leads to folk in your part of the world, I tried the link again today and it worked fine so have now seen the images. The mower looks to have a strange engine/magneto arrangement that looks worthy of investigation if only to find out how it worked.

If you are succesful in discovering who made the mower please feel free to post the info here.

Good luck with you search, 


Mr Davis Fri, 25/11/2011

Not sure if you are still in need of assistance here, but i might be able to help.

What you have is indeed called a Lawn Cub, from about the mid 50's, 15" cut.

The interesting thing about the engine was the Crankcase magneto.

Designed and manufactured by John Boundy industries pty ltd Clayton, Melbourne, Vic and Eagle Farm Road, Brisbane.

I have One, I can post some pictures up if you like, It's in nice condition (restored).