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info on Qualcast B1 mower please.

Hi all,

I've recently acquired a qualcast B1 cylinder mower which is undergoing a full restoration. I've only just found out it's a B1 after taking the wheel casts from my ultrasonic bath. the whole mower has been stripped to its components and dipped  in various processes ready for recoating, servicing, etc.

anyway, would like some info please on this interesting little gem. in particular, if any info exists as to a grass box design which could be translated to me from my trusty P.A, so that a grass box could be fabricated for it. This is going to be a very interesting job. already starting the recoat process, however the original colour isn't listed for my supplier of coatings, so I'm using a darker green which will achieve a very attractive finish.

if anyone has any details, please let me know, even photos for my P.A to check out on my behalf woud be useful.



EDIT: original post I stated it was a B2. sorry. had other figures in mind hence the error. it's a B1. I checked this morning before heat treating and spraying. waiting for the hard coatings to dry. things like this take good time.



Aled Sat, 14/07/2012

I may have a grassbox to suit which you can buy, if it's the right one for the mower, I'm not too sure which the B2 is, could you post a few photos on here?

I'm interested also to see this Ransomes Auto Certes restoration you did, do you have any photos of that?

redfernmowers Sat, 14/07/2012

the B2 is a sidewheel mower and very worn out at the moment. though this weekend it's about to undergo a very intense restoration. I've no photos at the mo but it's similar to a folbate mower if that helps. the box as I understand it hooks on to the front pole and has stubs on the base of the mower frame to keep the box in place.

as regards the auto certes, here's a photo of some of the works undergone.


P.S: ransomes auto certes (centre) and qualcast super panther (left) are for sale. see my ads on the site.