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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Interesting American Patent

I have been looking at an interesting American patent for improvements to a lawnmower dated 1899. The machine was a gear driven side-wheel type, the inventor, John Burr of Agawam, Massachusetts, was mainly wanting to enclose the gearing to prevent clogging by grass and debris.

There are however a couple of other interesting features - the supporting small roller is located between the driving wheels and the cutting cylinder as in original Budding machines. Also the cutting cylinder projects beyond the driving wheels, so overcoming one of the few disadvantages of normal side-wheelers. From a gardeners point of view it would seem to be almost a perfect machine, assuming one is not too fussed about the stripes.

I have seen nothing else like it, the nearest I can get, and it's not very near at all, is a Ransomes Conquest ! It's like a combination of Conquest and Pennsylvania. I wonder if it went into production and if any are still around. Something perhaps for Jim R. to throw some light on if he's tuned in to this.