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It's an Atco but what year?

Can anyone identify the year of this machine. It's an Atco Standard I guess but the ones I've seen before have an open fan cooling the engine on the left whereas this has a fan cowling on the right. The number on the frame is 5706.



Clive1997 Fri, 10/08/2012

Hello John

Cutting width, type of engine/carb might narrow it down a bit, I don't think standards were dated so only way is by any modifications & engine changes etc. Rough dating can possibly be done  from the engine no's. Can you post larger pictures?




wristpin Fri, 10/08/2012

May be just a coincidence but two of mine had a date written in pencil in the magneto  on the plate supporting the points and coil - both 1927 if I remember correctly.

Superexcellent Mon, 13/08/2012

I believe this is a 30" Atco with the 500 cc JAP Engine. I have one of these. The engine can be dated from its engine number and this is likely to be the date of the mower. Mine engine number is KY/T 79457/S which is 1926. 

johnmc Mon, 13/08/2012

Thanks to you all for your responses.

Superexcellent's engine no: is similar to mine so I guess we're looking at 1925/26. My engine number is IY/S 34147/S. The blade is 23 inches and the engine certainly looks like a Jap but no manufacturer's labels anywhere I can see.

Clive the carb is an Amal...I'm trying to include a bigger picture with this.

Thanks again