JAP Model 5, Amal Carburettor throttle needle

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Oliver Hartland
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JAP Model 5, Amal Carburettor throttle needle

Dear all,

I am trying to find a throttle needle clip for the Amal carburettor, JAP model 5, on my Ransomes Mastiff Mark 1 that I bought from eBay as a project (and what a project). I really understand very little about these things and haven't a clue where I should be looking.

The clip that is broken holds the needle in place and I have included a photo of the offending item below. I'm hoping that the rest of the carburettor parts are in working order but, as I have yet to have the machine running, I do not know.

I would really appreciate any suggestions that members may have as to where to look. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like any more photos.