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JAP Mower?

This was advertised as a JAP mower. JAP engine, but who made the chassis? Seem to remember a similar chassis with an electric motor on it?


Clive1997 Thu, 06/09/2012


I think you will find its a “BOADICEA” - A product of H.R. Nash of Wandswort Surrey, a 14 inch rotary long grass cutter with a 34cc 2 stroke engine, c1963..I have seen them with small wheels instead of the wooden rollers as you find on other rotary mowers.

I did contact the seller a few weeks back to ask some questions & also try and view as I was passing Guildford but they ignored me. I assume the makers plate has come off so they don't know the make of mower, but as they appear rude suggest you don't tell them. Its overpriced compared with others I have seen recent years.

Hope that helps





HenryB Thu, 06/09/2012


It is a Nash Boadicea, I recently acquired two of them for free, but they were both seized. I posted a previous topic about them.

I've seen that one on ebay, £70 is a bit steep!