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JP Maxee model identification?


does anyone know what model of JP Maxee this is?

The blade/cutting mechanism has seized and I can't figure out how to remove the sprocket that the the chain drives (picture below) so any suggestions on that would be welcome ?




wristpin Tue, 05/06/2012

In the absence of a JP expert who will say "like this" , I presume that what you refer to as the sprocket is the disk with the 3 holes screwed  to the end of the cutting cylinder  - probably with a left hand thread ie turn clockwise to undo.

The brutal way to undo it would be to jam the cylinder with a stout piece of wood (handle of a wire brush does it quite well) and tap the disk with a punch. A bit more civilized and less likely to damage the disk is to get a bit of flat bar and drill it to take  two bolts the same distance apart as two of the holes in the disk. Fit the two bolts with nuts through the bar and engage it in two holes and use it to turn it.

Just thought - if you have a large Stillson wrench you could use that round the disk!!