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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

J.P Minor

Hi there 

Im Dan 

i have jut found your website and forum after searching online for mowers, 

i have just acquired a little j.p minor push mower and really just wanted to see peoples opinions on them, and if anyone has any information as to anywhere that may sell spare parts, im planning to refurbish the mower in the near future and any info on things like paint colour and where i can find it would be very much appreciated 


many thanks Dan 

Petrol_head29 Sun, 27/05/2012

sorry forgot to say its a mk2

brummy_joe Sun, 27/05/2012

Hi Dan, and welcome,

JP mowers were always at the top end of the market, being better built and using better materials than most of their competitors. While I don't have a Minor, I do have a 16" Super which is a fantastic working mower despite being at least 86 years old! With good care and attention there is no reason why your mower should not continue to give excellent results for many years to come.

The Club does not sell parts but does have an arrangement with a company that supplies bottom blades. You will need to join to take advantage. A decal transfer is available directly from the Club, but, again, I think you need to be a member to purchase one.

Assuming you haven't found it already, useful information on the Minor on this website can be found by clicking on the link below:

Enjoy your mower,




Aled Sun, 27/05/2012

The paint colour for the JP machines is BS381 C223 Medium Bronze Green. You can get a tin of that mixed for you at any decent automotive paint supplier. The man to see regarding JP mowers is Henry Ellis, he can be contacted through the club, but I can't find his email address.

There's loads of information on the site regarding restoration and spare parts for these machines, the company who produce bottom blades and cutting cylinders for mowers is 'Garfitts International', never done business with them myself but I know a business selling restored old lawnmowers use them for their cylinders, and they're high quality things.