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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


Hi, I have just bought a Landmaster ride on mower/tractor but I cant find anything on the internet about it. There is no model or type on it. It has a 4hp briggs engine and it has handlebar steering instead of a steering wheel, Can anyone tell me what model it is or an idea of its age or whether it is made by another manufacture and rebadged, thanks for any help, Sten

hillsider Sat, 19/06/2010

I am afraid that I do not have experience of the Landmaster side of your machine but if you can look carefully at the flywheel cover/recoil start housing you should find a series of words and numbers stamped into the sheet metal. If you can record the Model, Type and Code numbers from the cover and post them on this forum I shall do my best to tel you the age of the engine and that should give a clue to the age of the machine (unless it has had a new engine fitted that is).

With any luck there will be another Club/forum member who can chip in with some info on the mower side of the machine.