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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Lloyds edger

Can anyone give an approximate date of manufacturer of this nice original condition edger.





stonethemows Thu, 18/04/2013

Your machine appears almost identical to one I have made by Ransomes ! There is an illustration in Brian Bells book on Ransomes history showing their machine dated to the 1930's. This is more or less the date I always assumed mine to be although I think there were earlier versions going back before the turn of the century.

If I get a chance tomorrow I will take some photo's and post them here.



Seb Thu, 18/04/2013


I believe that In the 1920s, Ransomes made edgers for loyds of Letchworth so the design is identical to the ransomes edger.

Incidentally the Ransomes edger was made between 1905 &1938.

It is a nice rare piece, are you planing to restore it?

Hope this helps.


hillsider Thu, 18/04/2013

Hello folks, certainly looks like it is identical to the Ransomes lawn edger to me as well. I have a couple of shots taken at Tilford museum but the one of the main body of the edger is not clear enough to be of help here. I have not seen a Lloyds edger before so I hope this one has a good home. Ray.

wristpin Thu, 18/04/2013

Thanks for the reply,  but restore - definitely NOT! I am a great believer that items in a nice original condition (as opposed to a heap of rust) should be left as they are to be enjoyed for what they are . To my mind giving such things the one litre restoration treatment is tantamount to vandalism as it has destroyed the originality for ever!

Other than the handle bars this machine has a lot of its original paint and is mechanically perfect so it will be left just as it is with a light coating of Ankor Wax (Morris Lubricants version of Waxoyl) to prevent further deterioration.

brummy_joe Thu, 18/04/2013

What a convoluted web we weave! So Lloyds used the Pennsylvania name under licence and the stuck it on to machines bought in from another company..... as they say, there is nothing new under the sun.

I too have one of these but bearing the Ransomes badge, and I do agree with your sentiments about "restoration". I have seen too many botched jobs and ruined machines, and not just mowers, to agree with repainting etc for the sake of it.

hillsider Fri, 19/04/2013

It is good to see that the Lloyds edger has found a home where it will be cared for. The one in my collection is how ever not in such good condition and will definitely need to be thoroughly restored, it has no paint to be found and is corroded solid with the wooden handles rotted away. I found it at a collective sale a few years back and took pity on, it it will get the attention that it deserves one day. Ray.

stonethemows Fri, 19/04/2013

Photos of my Ransomes edger. The only thing that seems to be different, or more likely missing, is the guard over the cutting blades.

The machine was said to be able to be used effectively as quickly as you could walk. In reality I have come across very few situations where the edge to be trimmed is firm or level enough.



Seb Fri, 19/04/2013

Hello again

yes, I agree, I also think it would be a shame to restore it.


Clive1997 Fri, 19/04/2013

Hello All

I also have the Ransomes version & whilst noting Sebs comments re date of manufacture, I have a couple of original Ad's (without image) dated 1st Feb 1892 & 1st Apr 1897 both referring to Ransomes Patent Edge Cutter, the description is similar to that given in their 1911 catalogue for the type we all have (with image) although it is then referred to as a Trimmer!

I think they may be referring to the same machine. I did recently have brief access to a Ransomes 1893 brochure, as time was limited I only managed to photograph a couple of pages BUT I think there was a trimmer/cutter listed with image. I will be scanning the whole document later in the year & will check to see if its included &  let you all know whart I find.

As to price

1892 No price but they were giving a trade discount of 30%!

1897  30s,

1911  £2,

1932 £2 17s 6d

2009 mine Priceless!!!!

Bye for now





brummy_joe Sat, 20/04/2013

Colin, I think you're right that the guard is missing; mine has one but it is a very flimsy piece of tin work and could easily go the way of countless throw plates and simply rust away. It is also quite vulnerable to damage.

See you all at Milton Keynes,