Manual for Suffolk

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wolseley phill
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Manual for Suffolk

Hi all,


In a few weeks I will be collecting an old suffolk mower. Now I should explain I am a stationary engine collector and have no idea about the various types of suffolk. It is the one with open roller, rounded fuel tank mounted on the engine and what you might describe as the "classic" design of SIF engine.

I am in need of a manual for the machine so if anyone has a copy they could zap to me via email I would be very greatfull.

Many thanks,



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Suffolk Manual.

Hello Phil,

Welcome the Old Lawnmower Club, Is this your first venture into the world of old mowers or just the first Suffolk?

You don't say what width the cutting cylinder is on the mower that you have acquired but when I next venture out into the workshop I shall have look through my box of information and  see what I have got. I think there is one out there but not sure if it is as old as the mower you describe.