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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Mowers for sale

I have nearly 20 mowers of various makes ( Greens, ATCO, Ransomes, Wells, Maxees) that all require a new home. They all need restoration and I would rather sell them to an enthusiast rather than putting them straight onto ebay ( although this is where they will end up if no-one is interested. 

I am not a collector so have limited knowledge and can only tell what they are if I can find a makers mark!!!

Anyone interested.

olcadmin Wed, 23/06/2010

Don't forget you can advertise any mowers through our club newsletter, Grassbox, by completing the online form at

The next newsletter is going out in July and is sent to over 500 club members, many more than have access to the website.

The webpage to submit adverts is designed for users to enter one machine at a time. This can be a real drag if you have a number to sell but you can send us a list by email and we'll happily include them in the newsletter. Send to