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My three reel mowers


I was wondering if anyone can help with info about these three reel mowers, one Royal Enfield (I believe) and 2 Atco's.

The Royal enfield appears to me the same as one from NZ in the recent Grassbox i received.

Any help much appreciated, I should be starting restore on the little atco shortly, i now have all the parts for it (the second atco is the donor)

Mike Fri, 02/12/2011

Dating the last two ATCO's is simple, there should be a small brass plate on the side of the mower. it will state cutting width then the year: for example: 14/56 would be a 14" cut manufactured in 1956.  if the plate is missing, don't worry, you can date it approximately using the villers engine number. (occasionally, they were stamped for example: 14/56/57 which, as you have already guessed means, 14" cut, manufactured 1956/1957).... as i have one like this.

If you didn't want to use the second one as spares, I should almost have enough bits here to get them both going, but you would need to let me know what you are missing first and I will check stock of what I have. (I only have one fuel tank left here, as they sell well,  its 13.5 inches long, so measure across the brackets to see what size tank you need) ....  I could then price the whole lot for you, (it wont be silly expensive, as I always prefer to help people out) ...  you would obviously have to cover the shipping costs as well.

Will send you an email so you have my email address ..... smiley


All the best


Mike Fri, 02/12/2011



Here is a picture of my brass identity tag ..... as you can see its a 14" cut, manufactured 1951 (Atco light weight) ... see reply below .. all the best ... Mike

Mr Davis Mon, 05/12/2011

I Got the Email Mike, I'll go over the mowers throughout the week, and work out what's needed, then let you know.

Thanks allot for this, I'd live to see them both going!