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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

new collector atco early years

Hello Iam Paul. Last year I got the mower bug after buying a Ransomes for my 11 year old son. In six short months I have bought ten mowers to refurbish. Four of these are 1920-1930 Atco standards ,two late 1940s Atcos,a 1957/8, a 1958/9 one as yet unknown [looks 1950 ish] and a 1959 qualcast. All these mowers have cost under £50 each ,although fuel picking them up from around the country nearly doubled this .Seems to be a lack of mowers on e-bay in the Suffolk area! Having stripped four mowers ready to refurbish Iam now looking for information on parts . The engines are stripped and decoked but can anyone tell me if gasket sets for these smaller Villiers are available or do I need to make them? There seems a good supply of electrical parts but I would like to hear from others for good supplies of any parts please. This site has helped alot so far and the club looks well worth joining . Thanks for reading this and hope to hear from some of you,and a Happy New Year from me.

Widow Maker Wed, 22/02/2012

Hi i am widowmaker

Gaskets i normally make myself from gasket paper but you might be able to find some old stock parts on ebay.

Bushes i make myself on a lathe in my dads garage but sadly my dad is too ill to help this year.

Bearing i get from a locale supplier (bearing man) or you could try a good engineering shop as long as you have the old bearing matching it should be easy.

Plugs/ignition coils/leads can be found on the green spark plug website

Some extra searches on the internet can be a good place also for parts & help (forums).

There is a lot of members who i am sure know more than me when looking for spare parts or they may have some parts for sale,

hope this has helped a little in your quest for spares.

hillsider Wed, 22/02/2012

Good information there and also encouraging to hear that the art of gasket making is still alive.


Widow Maker Tue, 26/03/2013

Hi there i forgot to post this site in my last message reply, they do have some stock left and some stock is being made still i hope this helps some what.