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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

New member with Atco 1449

Hi all, I am a new member here, my name is Darren. I have aquired an Atco 1449. It was in a pretty bad state, having been stood for quite a while. However, its previous owner had some knowledge of how to mothball such a machine. The cylinder had been oiled and turned over, all the moving parts were covered too. The only siezed part being the kick start gear on the flywheel, the mower was complete, even with a grassbox. Having assessed the mower, I have decided that its worthy of a full restoration. It has been overpainted at some point as removing the chaincase revealed original paint colour. I have already stripped the mower down. The engine has been completely overhauled and started on its first attempt. My attention is now on the mower body and cutting department. New bearings have arrived, parts are being shotblasted and will either be painted or powder coated. The rest of the components will be individually inspected and overhauled accordingly. 

I would like to know if anyone has a operating manual for both the 79cc Atco villiers Engine and the mower itself. I believe it to be a Lightweight Atco 14", I would like an exploded diagram of the machine as there were an awful lot of washers in peculiar places. Having previously restored 2 Howard Gems, a series 1 and 2, and also a Bantam with a Villiers Mk15H/S, so I'm fairly good mechanically........ having been around cars and engines since I could walk! I will get some pictures, and post them here........

hillsider Thu, 26/12/2013

Hello Darren and welcome to the Old Lawnmower Club, good to see that you have found your way here.

If you take a good look around the OLC site you will find there are several sources of information that have been gathered over the years that the club site has been running. Among the info there is a selection of operators hand books in the Technical Help section of the site, the manual that I think is closest to your needs is the second one from the top of the list.

Re powder coating your mower I may be a bit old fashion in my views and of course the choice is entirely yours but I am not sure that powder coating is a good way to go - unless of course you are able to get done free of charge. 



Darmic1 Sun, 23/03/2014

And some after, just waiting on the decals.

Darmic1 Sun, 23/03/2014

And a couple side by side, before and after.

Clive1997 Sun, 23/03/2014



Nice job, what is your next project???






hillsider Mon, 24/03/2014

Very nice job, at the start of the project I seem to remember you were thinking of powder coating the mower, which method did you finally go with?

Darmic1 Mon, 24/03/2014

Hi Ray, I could have gone with powder, but they didn't have the correct colour. Plus a box of powder was almost £400 so I went with etch primer and 2 pack paint.

Hi Clive, The next project is a Landmaster Saturn Rotary Mower, its a running machine, but has been painted with hammerite!

gtc Sat, 19/04/2014

Very nice job, indeed.

What wood did you use for the front rollers?


Darmic1 Sun, 20/04/2014

Hi, the wood used was Seasoned Oak, once turned the brass inserts were fitted and then the whole lot was soaked in a 50/50 mixture of Linseed oil and Turps. Have been wiping them over with that mixture every other week to build up a good protection.

gtc Sun, 20/04/2014

Thank you. I'll bear that in mind when it comes time to get new rollers made for my Atcos.

oologahan Sat, 18/10/2014

Can you tell me what type of paint sprayer you used and the paint types/mixture ratios? I usually use an oil-based alkyd industrial enamel with poly-converter (hardener) and Naptha as a reducer. Sprayed with a small cup gun at 20-30 psi. Just wondering what you used, it looks great!