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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

New member with a new mower

Hi All

I am new to all this and maybe coming on here for help.

I have just got my hands on a Ransom 24 with the Villier 150cc engine, it comes with the grass box and the trailing roller seat.

I don't know any thing about it apart from it is one owner from new and not been used for about 14 years. This is my first old mower which I took on for a bit of fun to get working.

If anyone has any information about them that would be great.


wristpin Thu, 20/11/2014

Welcome to the forum. By the sound of it you have a Ransomes Twenty Four with a Villiers F15 engine. I have one that my Dad bought new in the 1970s when his 30" Dennis got too heavy for him. In 30+ years in the mower trade I've serviced, rebuilt and  generally fettled  dozens of Twenty Fours.

Two of my regular modifications were to convert the Villiers to electronic ignition (no need to remove the flywheel to clean/adjust the points ever again!)  and to fit grease nipples to the cutting cylinder bearings to avoid frequent seizures of the so called sealed ones - an uncharacteristic design weakness from Ransomes.

What else would you like  to know?