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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

New member - Webb AB1476 18" self prop mower

Hi all,

Just to say hello let you all know I'm here. I acquired 2 Webb mowers (as above) and successfully got on running beautifully. However the other requires a replacement engine, which hopefully I've source.

I plan to sell one and ponder how much it may fetch? Maybe better to post photos after the work has been carried out

Clive1997 Thu, 20/06/2013



Welcome to the forum, interesting to hear of your Webbs, they do not seem to appeal to most collectors, but I think every mower has its place.

I have 2 Webb 24" motor mowers that need a minimal amount of work to get them going, I need space so FREE to anyone who wants to collect, or may look at delivery for cost. Possibiity of a trailing seat aswell.





MalcForrest Wed, 26/06/2013

Hi Clive,


I bought them from eBay after the seller had been hired to do a clear out from a local Mower service/repair in East Kilbride.

The older one which looks like its seen hard work, only needed clean fuel and it fired up straight away. with a new OPC cable fitted she was like new. The other one needs some amount of work done.

I maybe interested in those. Where about are you?