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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Newly Clueless

Hello, long story short, i have aquired a petrol lawnmower off my friend and can't find any info about it from anywhere (probably due to not knowing what to look for!) I know it's a Mk1 Ransomes, and i know it has a BSA engine, although i don't know what model either one is, i'm looking to restore it as good as i can, including new stickers and a personal touch paying homage to my friends dad, whom i've got this from. All i can tell you is it says Fourteen along the front and the engine has a pair of springs on the side of the cylinder head, oh, and it hasn't started yet, but it's close to breathing life for the first time in a fair old while.


I've given it a quick wipe over for the photos. I did try to upload the pictures on here for your ease, but failed. Thrice. Because you need to see it, i've opened a photobucket account to share them, the link is

Any help at all will e greatly appreciated! Thanks

stonethemows Thu, 12/04/2012

Hello Chris,

What you have there is a Ransomes Fourteen made between 1964 and 1970. There was also an electric version which was about 25% dearer. In 1965 the petrol engined machine cost £42 - 10/-. I have an example and it's quite a nice machine to use on smaller lawns where a Marquis (18" ) would be too big.

Chris Huxley Fri, 13/04/2012

Thanks, i can't wait to start stripping it down ready for a restoration, do you know where i will be able to buy parts from? I'm completely new to the world of vintage mower ownership and don't know where to start. it took me four hours of googling to find absolutely anything, all i ended up finding out was the battery on this notebook doesn't last very long...

Aled Sun, 15/04/2012

lol plug the laptop in then ;)

What spare parts do you need, there are a few firms and people who will be able to help you out but obviously considering the age of the mower (even a 'newish' 1960s machine) spare parts aren't exactly just around the corner.

If you check out this page, in each category there are links to people who might be able to help you out obtaining spare parts:

Chris Huxley Mon, 23/04/2012

Good advice, although I have resorted to using my phone. ;-) I would love some new stickers for it to make it look 30 years younger, and I need a spring for the pull start, possibly even a new pull starter. I have adapted a brake cable off an old mountain bike for the clutch cable, but depending on how far I go with the restoration, I may get the proper one.

Chris Huxley Mon, 23/04/2012

Hi, would you know what capacity the engine is? I have stripped it down and cleaned out the valves and all the carbon from the exhaust valve housing, cleaned the top of the piston, set everything in with new gasket sealant, fresh oil and reset the loose points. Should all be as good as new now. I have also painted the engine matt black, please don't be mad, but it does look really good against the green!