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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

an old lawnmower

Hi there, I have an old ransome lawnmower with a grass box made of cloth and I was wondering if any learned gentlemen might have info on it


brummy_joe Mon, 01/08/2011


without seeing any pictures I would be hard pressed to comment BUT.. if the grassbox looks like a seaside windbreak & the mower looks something Buck Rodgers would have owned or that Donald Campbell would have driven, my guess is that it's a Ransomes Conquest which dates it at mid 60s and an original retail price of £7 11s.

Hope this helps,



stargate1955 Mon, 01/08/2011

Thank You Brummy_Joe you have descibe it prefectly.. but now we know what it is instead of the old lawnmower that cuts the lawn..