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the old lawnmower club

Dear All,

I am taking an interest in ATCO mowers.

This site has little information on different models produced, and in what year, photos etc. Even the pictures on the home page don't carry the model and year produced!

Is there anywhere I can find out 'how many front rollers the 12" atco of 1952' had? I have one! With  the middle one missing. Did the missing centre one, roll on the ones either side?

Clutch types, an exploded view of their parts, what year they were introduced and discontinued?

Tips on removing the cutting cylinder.

I have posted a couple of photos, and had some interesting constructive comments. Thankyou.

I want to learn about old lawnmowers, where can I find the info.

Kind regards Andy


hillsider Sat, 17/07/2010

Re your thirst for knowledge about old lawn mowers, there are several corners of this site that may help to provide some information. In particular have you searched the section entitled Technical Help  there you will find an area dedicated to the history of Atco mowers, it may not supply answers to all of your questions but it may help. Also there is an area of this site within Club information called Mower Profiles that lists mowers of many types and provides a guide to many mower types.

There is a book entitled 75 Years of Garden Machinery written by the author Brian Bell that although it covers all types of garden machinery it does contain a good section covering the history of mowers. 

You can also learn a lot about old mowers by getting know other collectors in your area, these folk are usually to be found at shows throughout the land and are normally helpful in response to questions (so long as they know the asnwers).

Hope this helps.



Keith Wootton Thu, 29/07/2010

Andy, thanks for the comments which all make sense. It's always difficult getting a balance between adding general information and trying to help with specific questions.

One of the reasons we updated our website last year was to introduce features such as this forum section where people like you could ask some questions. Over time I'm sure the discussions and answers will build up into a very useful resource.