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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Old Ransomes

Hi Guys found this mower in my Profile Picture in a house i just bought,searched the net and can't find another one like it,I would love to know which Ransomes Model it could be.I have more photos if needed  if anyone could help that would be great .Many Thanks

Clive1997 Thu, 14/06/2012


Can you put up a larger image or give a link to one as your profile pic is a bit too small to see much.


Seb Thu, 14/06/2012

Hi there

The mower in your profile picture is a Ransomes Antelope with a BSA  F12 sloper engine,

I belive that it is from the 1950s but I am not sure on the date, could another member clarify it?

Hope this helps


wristpin Mon, 18/06/2012

Don't wish to be rude but the pic looks like a pile of  junk to me - even with a magnifying glass held to the screen! May be a trip to Specsavers is required!

Bigger/better image please!