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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Paint colour Ransomes Ajax Mk2

Can anyone confirm or otherwise, that Ransomes,Sims and Jefferries made Ajax or any other model push mowers for the Army . I have an Ajax Mk 2 mower which is painted in Satin finish Army olive which matches the pre- WW2 soft vehicle colour  (Dulux code 6020-G50Y Dark Suede). This appears to match the colour  in BS381C/1930 Military Specifications. The paint is embedded in the metal pores and is not a repaint. I have a complete set of Ajax models from first to last and all are in normal Ransomes Green except this Mark 2. Comments or information welcome. Ransomes supplied gang mowers to the RAF throughout the war and these were generally towed by bomb trolley tractors not otherwise engaged.