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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

A pair of ATCO's

Hi all,

I have been visiting this site for some time now so thought it was about time I contributed something!

My main interest is in vintage stationary engines which I restore and display at vintage rallies but more recently I have become interested in old lawn mowers as well.

First of all I bought what I'm told is an ATCO medium weight Deluxe 14". It's great fun and now I have got it running well it is a joy to use. I believe these date from around 1935?

The kick start spring needs replacing at some point, but it does the job.

In a few days time I'm also going to collect a 1922 ATCO Standard, a 22" cut model with Senspray carburetor. I believe this is quite an early model? It has a 247cc Villiers mk6a and looks like a lot of fun. It isn't running but that shouldn't be too big a problem, it's all there and the mower itself really only needs a good clean.

I expect most members here get a bit tired of seeing these "common as muck" ATCO's but I hope this is of some interest all the same.



Clive1997 Fri, 23/12/2011

Hi Phil

Nothing wrong with collecting old Atco's, I have 4 standards in various states of repair plus 2 later Atco's, at present they are all impersonating 'Stationery Engines' !!! But hope to have them up & running in 2012.




standardman Fri, 23/12/2011

Thanks for your reply Clive,


If I had the space I should think there would be many more ATCO's in the shed by now.....I sold one of my beloved Stationary engines to accommodate the Standard but I'm not selling any more!

When I get the Standard I will post a few more photos and if it runs, a video as well.





topgunhorse Thu, 29/12/2011


£5 on ebay. smiley

£46 for a new coil. sad




1935 sounds about right, maybe a couple of years later. 

standardman Thu, 29/12/2011

Topgunhorse, very nice mower! And yes, pretty much identical.


A bargain and having a new coil is one less thing to worry about, you know the spark should be good....